CoCreate: An Insider’s Perspective

CoCreate: An Insider’s Perspective

Beth’s exposure to Network Health began with her part in the CoCreate Movement. After witnessing what the company did for its members, she sought employment at an insurance company she felt went above and beyond. Read on for her take on CoCreate and Network Health.

How did you end up participating in CoCreate? And what did you think of the CoCreate movement?

“I happened to be at a farmer’s market one Saturday morning and was asked if I would be willing to participate. I thought it was incredible that there was an insurance company that actually cared to hear what was important to their members. Their passion for getting feedback to make their company more suitable for their members is really something special.”

What impression did you get of Network Health through your participation in CoCreate?

“Although I was only able to participate in the initial interview of CoCreate, and was unable to make it to the follow up meeting, it gave me an impression that they truly care about their members. By finding out what is important to their members, they were able to create an insurance plan that fits their needs.”

How did you end up then becoming a Network Health associate? How did your exposure to the company through CoCreate attract you to Network Health?

“After seeing representation of Network Health out in the community asking questions about what the people want, I knew it was a company that truly cares. Their personable approach is something that is really one of a kind.”

In what other ways do you feel Network Health works with its members to be a better insurance company?

“Network Health’s goal is always to work with its members to create the best experience possible. By working to understand their perspective, it helps provide the best experience possible.”


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