Coreen Gears Up for the Fox Cities Half Marathon

Coreen Gears Up for the Fox Cities Half Marathon

Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty.”

– Theodore Roosevelt

Earlier this year, Network Health’s President and CEO Coreen Dicus-Johnson decided to take on a new challenge. She began preparing for her first half-marathon. Things haven’t always gone as planned, nor have they been easy. But, it has been worth it.

One of the best things about the challenge is that Coreen is able to spend more time with her daughter, Miranda. Together, they have competed in community races and events throughout Wisconsin as they work toward completing the Fox Cities Half Marathon this weekend.

Network Health has been a sponsor of the Fox Cities Marathon for the past five years. Every year, our associates come out in droves to participate in the events or to support and volunteer. Over 50 associates have already signed up for race weekend, and Coreen and Miranda are among them.

Training for the marathon has been an interesting journey. She has overcome exercise-induced uticaria (which is basically like an allergic reaction to an increased heart rate), injuries and of course time constraints. Despite the obstacles, Coreen has remained steadfast in her commitment to continue training.

Throughout their journey, Coreen and Miranda competed in a variety of community races including 5Ks and even the Walk Wisconsin event which was one of the most challenging.

The Walk Wisconsin event takes place every June in Stevens Point. While the scenery is beautiful, the 26.2-mile walk can be grueling. This long-distance event definitely helped Coreen understand the importance of fueling up properly beforehand. And, even though she would be walking the entire time, she knew she would have to keep water, sports drinks and healthy snacks on hand to keep her body performing well and to cross the finish line. Mental preparation was also key. The old saying ‘your mind will give up before your body will’ certainly applied here. Because of the Walk Wisconsin challenge, Coreen now feels mentally ready for the Fox Cities Half Marathon.

Another lesson Coreen learned during her preparation was the importance of resting before a race. In July, Coreen and Miranda signed up to compete in the Storm the Bastille Run. It seemed like a fun way to get active. The only problem was the event happened to be the same day as Network Health’s company picnic in Menasha. After the work day, Coreen spent most of her evening running around and working the event. Then, she jumped in her car and traveled to Milwaukee just in time for the 9 p.m. race. It was a hectic day which left very little time for rest or healthy eating but she wanted to keep all of her commitments.

Together with Miranda, Coreen completed the race but it wasn’t easy. As soon as she crossed the finish line, she was on the lookout for a place to rest because she was dizzy. Her tank was on empty. The closest chair happened to belong to a Bastille Days fortune teller. The fortune teller protested and a negotiation ensued, but Coreen finally got the chair without the fortune.

Now, Coreen is focused on the big one—the Fox Cities Half Marathon. Not only is Coreen participating, she’s also been asked to speak at the start line. Even though it means reporting to UW-Fox Valley before 6:30 a.m., Coreen is looking forward to the opportunity.

Preparing for the half-marathon has been quite the journey. She has learned a lot about herself and her daughter throughout their training. Make sure to check Network Health’s Facebook page for real-time updates as to how Coreen and Miranda are doing on race day, Sunday September 24.

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  1. Nancy Weber says:

    You’ve got this Ladies! Relish the experience and take pride in your accomplishments! Only 3 measly miles after the walk over that beautiful Trestle Trail bridge, and then look for the fireman watching from their Neenah firehouse within a mile from the finish! Quick tip: they do take selfies with runners, if asked!! Congratulations and Have Fun!!

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