Get Social (for real)

Get Social (for real)

This summer, we encourage you to get out and get social (for real).

Studies have found that in-person social activity plays an important role in a healthy lifestyle. It can have a positive impact both physically and mentally. lists six reasons why spending time socializing is good for your health:

  1. You’re less likely to catch a cold
  2. You’ll fight off depression
  3. You get better sleep
  4. You’re more productive
  5. Your brain stays sharper
  6. You’ll live longer

Every weekend this summer we will highlight an event to help you leave your virtual networks behind and venture out to explore the real world. It can be your weekly excuse to spend time with people, or to independently try new things.

Every Thursday evening, we will use social media to post an opportunity to get social (for real). We will feature local events in central/northeast Wisconsin and southeast Wisconsin. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter—your real-world adventure awaits.


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  1. Becky Van Elsen says:

    Great idea! We are always looking for activities/ideas on the weekends.

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