In the Community

In the Community

When people work together, big things can happen. We see this every day in our organization. When teams come together, a process can be improved, a customer can be better served and things just run a little smoother. Network Health associates are encouraged to take this same approach to serve different non-profit organizations in our area.

Starting in 2015, Network Health began a unique program to recognize our hard-working associates and the community organizations they support. Twice a year, an associate is recognized with the “Golden Leaf award.” This award is given out at our all-staff meetings and the recipient’s nomination is read. The organization they volunteer for will also receive a $250 donation.

Our newest recipient of the Golden Leaf award is Wellness Supervisor Mark Geiger. Mark was nominated by fellow co-worker, Kristy Fast. She wrote the following on his nomination form.

“Mark is part of a team through his church that serves families at Homeless Connections. Mark and his wife originally got involved to show their only child how fortunate he is. Over the years, it’s grown into more of a family activity. All of the work that goes into the meal is worth it when they see the smiles from the kids and the ‘thank you’ and the ‘God bless you’ remarks from the families. Mark once ran into a former Homeless Connections resident in the community. The former resident recognized him and explained they had recently been able to get their own apartment and a job.”

Homeless Connections is a shelter in Appleton, Wisconsin that works to meet the needs of people both homeless and at-risk of homelessness in the Fox Valley Community. Their mission is to end homelessness by connecting individuals and families to resources that promote self-sufficiency and prevent future homeless episodes.

Network Health’s donation will be put to good use. Homeless Connections explains that every dollar donated makes a difference in the lives of individuals and families in need. If you are interested in donating, please visit their website. You can learn more about how to financially support their work or view their donation list.


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