Meet Lisa

Meet Lisa

Lisa Sitter is old school, and she’ll be the first to admit it. In fact, she’s proud of it.

“I grew up playing and running outside, coming in when the street lights came on, getting to know neighbors and working things out among ourselves, things like that,” she says. “That’s the way I try to live my life now, and it’s how I’m raising my daughter, to appreciate experiences, respect others and to be grateful for what we have.”

When you talk to Lisa, you can hear how much she cherishes and embraces the values she was brought up with, and her desire to live a simple, honest, happy life.

Lisa landed at Network Health in September 2015, but has 15 years working in the insurance industry. It’s a move she says was long overdue, and she’s grateful for the opportunity.

“The environment is night and day different from where I previously worked,” she says. “We’re local. People know we’re in the community. Our members aren’t afraid to come to us, call us and even come into the office. We have more of a connection. At Network Health, I truly feel like we’re making a bigger impact on our members than other companies.”

Lisa’s impact is felt everywhere she goes, but often she doesn’t even have to step off her front porch to prove it.

“I have a neighbor who’s in his 80s, and he’s been living in the neighborhood for decades,” Lisa says. “He’s like the neighborhood grandpa, and we often find ourselves sitting on the porch talking or inviting him to grill out with us. Well, whenever he gets information about his Medicare plan, or has a question, he comes over and asks me so he can make sure he understands everything. He trusts me and I’m happy to help him out. That’s the way it should be, right?”

Lisa’s loyalty to old school values and community also reaches into other parts of her life. She’s a proponent of the “shop local” movement. “My husband, Mike, is a die maker, and we’ve always believed in staying loyal to neighborhood and family-owned businesses,” she says. “You have to support the community and the people in it, because that’s what keeps the community strong.”

Shop Local

That’s also one of the things Lisa likes about working for Network Health. “When we’re working with a member, he or she could be your neighbor, your friend or somebody you went to school with,” she says. “That makes a huge impact on our members. We give you what you need, but then you get a little bit more, an experience and a level of sincerity, familiarity and respect you just don’t get everywhere these days.”

For Lisa, Mike and their daughter, Rayna, it’s the simple things that matter most.

“It’s about having manners, respect for others, humility and honesty. And it’s about being happy,” she says. “When you’re happy with what you do, at work and in your private life, people can see it on your face, and they can hear it in your voice. You can hear that smile through the telephone. I truly believe that.”

In other words, it’s about creating an experience. “Because experiences are what create memories,” Lisa says.


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