Not-So-Obvious Things Health Insurance Companies Can Do For Their Members

Not-So-Obvious Things Health Insurance Companies Can Do For Their Members

While it’s often clear to most people that health insurance companies provide health plans, health insurance companies do a few things that aren’t as obvious. Let’s take a few minutes to talk about five things that many health plans, including Network Health, do beyond just providing insurance.

1 – Provider Networks – Health insurance companies will often negotiate contracts with providers and hospitals so their members can benefit from discounted fees. These discounts can save members a significant amount of money as a result of costly medical procedures and hospital stays. Negotiated discounts can be as much as 50 percent under retail billed amounts for medical costs and generate sizable financial savings for a plan’s members.

2- Care Management – Assistance is often available for members to help them navigate through the complex maze of what can be very expensive medical treatments and procedures. Care management assists members with a coordinated approach to evaluate technical medical procedures, and they recommend the most cost-effective delivery of care to provide the best possible outcomes. Skilled nurses are part of Network Health’s Care Management Department. Our nurses provide comforting assistance during stressful times when our members are dealing with serious medical conditions.

3- Wellness Programs – Wellness programs promote healthy lifestyles and can help to prevent potentially serious medical issues from occurring. Members sometimes receive cash incentives and rewards simply by participating in these types of programs. The end result of these programs can lead to improved health, lowered medical costs and reduced risk to future medical conditions.

4- HSAs and High Deductible Health Plans – Health savings accounts and high deductible health plans offer members an effective strategy to control the cost of health care and help reduce health insurance premiums. These types of plans offer greater control over your health care decision making and provide the opportunity to accumulate tax-favored savings accounts to help pay for medical expenses.

5- Support and Customer Service – Good old-fashioned customer service is hard to find these days. We’re very proud of our customer service team here at Network Health. When our members call, they personally talk to a friendly, helpful and knowledgeable representative. Our account managers will also personally meet with members at their place of business to answer any benefit question they may have. Plus, we live and work where you do, which is an added benefit.

These are just a few things health insurance companies can provide for their members. Here at Network Health, we’re always on the lookout for ways to grow these types of benefits for our members. So, stay tuned to future blog posts as we’ll be blogging about new developments.


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