Network Health Partners with Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce

Network Health Partners with Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce

The Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce has recognized Network Health for providing high-quality and cost-effective health plan solutions to Oshkosh-area employers. Network Health and the Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce have partnered to provide Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce members in Winnebago county with cost-effective premium rates.

With Network Health’s Assure product, Oshkosh-area employers are able to provide their employees with quality coverage at an affordable cost. The Assure product is a level-funded plan which means employers can benefit from the predictable, fixed monthly rates of a fully-insured plan but only pay for the health care that employees actually get.

“We are excited about the rollout of this new program and our renewed partnership with Network Health. Network Health provides the highest-quality health insurance and offers several plan designs that will give the flexibility that employers demand at a price that is offered exclusively to Oshkosh Chamber Members. Over the past number of years, this has been the most asked for benefit for the Oshkosh Chamber to provide. We anticipate that this health insurance program will meet the needs of our business members and their employees at the cost that other insurance providers will not be able to match,” shares John Casper, Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce President and CEO.

Through Network Health and Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce’s new partnership, Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce members will have access to Network Health’s insurance experts. Network Health representatives will attend Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce’s new member orientation meetings to help employers determine the best insurance solution for their company’s specific needs.

“It’s an important time for the Oshkosh area. They are experiencing a lot of growth and revitalization. Having spent a lot of time in that area during my youth, it feels good to be a part of what’s happening there. As new businesses seek opportunities in the Oshkosh area, Network Health is here to help them offer their employees quality coverage at an affordable cost,” states Vice President of Underwriting and Business Development Keith Bell.

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