Anne Takes on Her First 5K

Anne Takes on Her First 5K

Six months ago, Anne Rappert decided she wanted to make a change. Her health had been in decline. After learning at a doctor appointment that she had become diabetic, she was ready to make serious lifestyle changes to improve her well-being.

On March 1, Anne committed to a year-long health improvement plan called Healthy Jumpstart. She began working with Network Health wellness coaches Julie Cleaves (nutrition-focused) and Sam Schnell (activity-focused). Together, they worked to improve her eating habits and her daily activity. Over the last six months, Anne has lost a total of 86 pounds. Her health has improved tremendously—not only does she have a lot more energy, but she is no longer diabetic. Through hard work, Anne avoided medication. Her A1C levels are back in the healthy range.

Now, Anne is ready to tackle a new health goal—her first 5K. Before Healthy Jumpstart, Anne had troubles walking through the office without getting winded. But over the last six months she has steadily increased her endurance and cardiovascular health. Anne, Sam and Julie have been regularly visiting the YMCA together. Sam designs the workouts and makes sure to include a healthy dose of strength training. This helps prevent injuries and ensures that Anne can keep up her cardio training for her 5K.


Now half way through the Healthy Jumpstart program, Anne is challenging herself to take on things she didn’t think possible before. Health coach Julie Cleaves jokes that Anne’s motto should be “turning can’ts into cans” since she has made such amazing progress. Anne says “I’m ready and super excited to participate in my first 5K. I’ve been doing the No Boundaries 10-week training program through Fleet Feet and that’s also helped a lot.” The No Boundaries Program and her guided workouts at the YMCA have helped Anne gain the confidence she needs to take on her health goals.



Anne is fortunate to have the support of those around her. Not just from her health coaches, but also her friends and family. She explains her two sons have been her biggest cheerleaders. “My boys continue to encourage me every step of the way.” Starting and keeping new healthy habits is never easy, so having that support network is key. In fact, Anne is so excited about her first race, she is looking for even more ways to challenge herself. “I’m already thinking about the Turkey Trot in November.”

Make sure to watch the Network Health Facebook page for updates about how Anne does in the Fox Cities Marathon 5K on Saturday, September 17. Her goal is to finish in under 50 minutes, but even if she doesn’t quite make that time, she knows that finishing is a big accomplishment.

And, keep an eye out for Anne at the Network Health water station on Sunday, September 18. She’ll be there to cheer on the full and half marathon runners and give them a much needed drink. Everyone who snaps a picture with Anne at the Network Health water station and posts it to the Network Health Wisconsin’s Facebook page has a chance to win a $50 Visa Gift Card.


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  1. Lynda says:

    You are doing an AWESOME job Anne – those first steps and the first 5k are the hardest but after that you will find it more of an enjoyment and a “have to”. There are plenty of fun walks/runs that the whole family can do! Keep up the hard work and commitment!!!

  2. Carla M Lemke says:

    Congratulations on your success and determination, and wow-what a special bond with your boys !!

  3. Wendy Jacob says:

    What a great accomplishment! Way to keep up the drive and motivation. I hope to see you again in Zumba someday soon. Come check out the new studio. it’s amazing! Keep up the great job Anne!!!

  4. Yvonne Morrow says:

    Congratulations Anne!! What an amazing accomplishment so far and tremendous example for your boys~ Looking forward to seeing your smiling face at the water station celebrating the successful completion of your first 5K!!

  5. Nichole Sprinkle says:

    Great job Anne!!! Super exciting to see your progress!

  6. Ashley Schertz says:

    “No longer diabetic” and “avoided medication”… SO AWESOME! Every time I see you I see the energy and how happy you are and know that you will ROCK that 5k. You are doing so well and look amazing. As a mom of a boy, I love that your boys are so supportive and cheering you on every step of the way. Good luck with the race!

  7. Hannah Zillmer says:

    Your progress is UNBELIEVABLE! Can’t wait to see you at the 5k.

  8. Sue Strauss says:

    You go girl! Your accomplishments are amazing! Congratulations.

  9. Jennifer Hewitt says:

    Anne – I need your motivation! Keep the updates coming!

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