Seven Tips For Exercising Outdoors In The Dark

Seven Tips For Exercising Outdoors In The Dark

Exercise is important to your physical and mental health, but many people who enjoy evening walks or early morning jogs in the summer struggle to find time as the days get shorter and darker. However, darkness doesn’t mean you must take your workouts inside. Here are some tips so you can sweat safely during the evening hours.

  1. Tell someone where you’ll be. Make sure someone knows when you leave, your route and when you’ll be home.
  2. Carry your cell phone and leave the headphones at home. Make sure your phone is fully charged in the event of an emergency. Don’t listen to music so you can hear vehicles or people approaching.
  3. Dress to be seen. Wear at least one major reflective piece (vest, jacket, belt, etc.). Consider purchasing a flashing light to clip to you.
  4. Try to find an exercise buddy. Exercising at night is safer with more than one person, and having a workout partner is a great motivator.
  5. Be aware. Know your environment, choose routes that are well-lit and avoid unpopulated areas.
  6. Walk or run against traffic. Walk or run against traffic so you can see oncoming cars. If you can, choose streets with either a sidewalk or a wide, flat shoulder.
  7. Use caution. If a vehicle stops to ask for directions, remain at least arm’s length away.

Always remember to trust your intuition and take the proper precautions. Call the police if you notice anything unusual when you’re out. Exercising in the fresh, evening air can be exhilarating and help you avoid the winter blues, but make sure to take the proper steps to stay safe.


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